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Recordings and Podcasts

Family Life

Metropolitan Heirotheos Vlachos  On Parenting



Spiritual Life


Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen

"The Path to Prayer": Part 1,   Part 2: "Do Not React," Q&A,    Part 3: "Do Not Resent",    Part 4: "Keep Inner Stillness",   Part 5: "Keep Inner Stillness"/Q&A (February 2008 at St. Mark Orthodox Church, Irvine, CA)


Fr. Daniel Danut at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Shoreline, WA   "Christianity in Romania" Part 1    "Christianity in Romania" Part 2



Spiritual Combat with Constantine Zalalas at a Men's Retreat 2005 held at St. John the Forerunner Monastery in Goldendale, WA.  Very informative on logismoi and how to deal with assaultive thoughts.  These recordings are used with permission and courtesy of Constantine Zalalas and the St. Nicodemus Publications.  Visit his website for his teaching tapes and CDs.  Right click to save as an mp3 or click on to listen from your computer.  Each link is approximately 1 hour.


Spiritual Combat 1    Spiritual Combat 2     Spiritual Combat 3            

Spiritual Combat 4    Spiritual Combat 5     Spiritual Combat 6 

Pentecost and the Holy Spirit - Constantine Zalalas at St. Andrew Orthodox Church - June 2005


Healing in Byzantium Conference sponsored by the Institute of Medicine, Psychology and Religion.

The Orthodox Church as a Therapeutic Science - Keynote Speech by Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol, Cyprus

(known as Fr. Maximos in The Mountain of Silence by Kyriacos Markides.  Link to other speakers at the 2006 Conference - Healing in Byzantium:  Modern Adaptations.


"Healing the Nous"  - Archimandrite Meletios (Webber), Abbot at speaking at at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Shoreline, WA


Moral Courage and the Life of St. George - Erik Bohlin, M.A. at a protestant singles group, called "The Thing."

Treatment of Sexual Addiction - Erik Bohlin, M.A.

"Healing the Mind: The Nexus between Contemporary Psychology and Eastern Christian Practice" - Erik Bohlin, M.A.

"Into the Desert - Part 1:  The Initiation" - Erik Bohlin, M.A. at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Shoreline, WA  10-29-06

"Into the Desert - Part 2:  The Revelation" - Erik Bohlin, M.A. at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Shoreline, WA  11-05-06  

"Into the Desert - Part 3:  The Connection" - Erik Bohlin, M.A. at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Shoreline, WA  11-12-06  

"Into the Desert - Part 4:  The Oasis" - Erik Bohlin, M.A. at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Shoreline, WA  12-17-06


Washington Orthodox Clergy Association (WOCA) Winter Retreat 2009  - V. Rev. Josiah Trenham, Ph.D.

1 The Christian as the Spiritual Patient

2 The Church as a Spiritual Hospital

3 The Priest as a Soul Physician, Christian as Patient

4 Questions and Answers



Divine Liturgy

At Thy Right Hand - this beautiful hymn originates from Psalm 45, which contains a prophecy about the Virgin Mary, the Holy Theotokos (God-bearer).

The Beatitudes

Arise O God - Holy Saturday (wma)  - St. Andrew Choir, Arlington, WA

The Angel Cried - Holy Pascha (wma) - St. Andrew Choir, Arlington, WA


Orthodox Radio

Ancient Faith Radio - 24 hour Orthodox Christian Radio, downloadable broadcasts

Voice of Orthodoxy - Icons in Sound

Voice of Orthodoxy

Orthodox Video

Fr. Roman Braga interview  - this interview with Frontline (PBS) features from Fr. Roman Braga who is a 78 year-old Romanian priest-monk who was imprisoned in a Communist gulag for eleven years.   

A short preview of documentary "The Pilgrim's Way."


Elder Paisios from his letters (really good encouragement)


I Believe with Dennis Wholey - a simple discussion of the Orthodox Christian Church


A Trip to the Holy Mountain (Mt. Athos) through the eyes of a Greek photojournalist.  Beautifully and respectfully done.  English subtitles. 

Procession with the Epitaphios on Holy Friday - St. Nectarios, Roslindale, MA, April 21, 2006  Interesting contrast with the Holy procession in the middle of a busy city.

Hymn of Holy Friday - The Doxasticon of Matins on Holy Friday.  "The have stripped me of my garments."  Beautiful chant in Greek with an icon of "Christ, the Bridegroom." 

A Tribute to the Orthodox Church in China

St. Andrew Orthodox Christian Church 10th Anniversary - [Part 1] [Part 2] video of 10 years of parish life at St. Andrew Orthodox Church, Arlington, WA

Holy Week 2008 [Click to see video]- slide show of Holy Week 2008 at St. Andrew Orthodox Church, Arlington, WA




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