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Healing in the Church

True healing of the soul happens in the Orthodox Christian Church which has maintained the true path of healing for the past 20 centuries.  This statement might sound arrogant or exclusive, and it is not intended to offend, but to state what is historically accurate.  Western Christianity, both Roman Catholic and Protestant does not concern itself so much with healing as it does a theology that focuses on a juridical relationship with God.  If healing is discussed, it does not reflect the approach of healing that the early church talked about.  We hope to reintroduce you to the healing that was presented in the early centuries of Christianity.  The Church was considered the hospital for souls.  Receiving the Divine sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation, Confession, Holy Unction and Communion were some of the main ways God's healing energy would come to us and transfigure our lives.  In addition to this, we need to seek the Lord in prayer, fasting, giving to the poor, and works of charity.  Being a Christian is not a matter of what one knows, but what one does. 

Here are some links to some useful articles and writings.  At this point, the list is small as I am still building the site.  Thank you for you patience.

The Passions

Healing from Gluttony (to be added)

Healing from Lust

Healing from Anger

Healing from Accidie (Anxiety, depression/sloth)

Healing from Addiction

Healing from Envy (to be added)

Healing from Pride (to be added)


Healing from Marital Discord (to be added)

Healing from Family Conflict (to be added)





The Life of St. Anthony

'Men turn their minds either to sins, or to Jesus, or to other men.'

Abba Elias


'To throw yourself before God, to not measure your progress, to leave behind all self-will -- these are the instruments for the work of the soul.'

Abba Poemen the Shepherd

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