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The Mountain of Silence by Kyriacos Markides both inspires and challenges the spiritual life of the reader.  Through a conversation with Fr. Maximos, who is a monk and spiritual advisor to many, the reader is edified and taught the basics of orthodox spirituality.  Dealing with the topic of healing our nous (our soul) and dealing with logismoi (assaultive thoughts) makes this a must read for anyone who struggles with addiction, depression or anxiety.  "Fr. Maximos," (not his real name) discusses the nature of these thoughts and relates what the early church fathers tell us to do with them.


In addition, he tells stories and imparts the wisdom of contemporary elders who lived on Mt. Athos. 


The Way of a Pilgrim is written by an unknown pilgrim who relates his  physical journey through 19th century Russia and his spiritual journey using "The Jesus Prayer."  This classic offers inspiration to the reader for starting the healing journey of the heart by praying the Jesus Prayer. 

This book is hard to put down once you begin it.  People who struggle with anxiety, fear and obsessive thinking can benefit the personal experience of this pilgrim as he reads the gospels and the Philokalia. 

A bit on dealing with thoughts and temptations and stories are helpful.  The pilgrim meets a suicidal, despondent man who prayers with him for three days and is radically transform through the grace of God and the use of the Jesus Prayer. 


  Steps of Transformation  by Fr. Meletios Weber is an excellent book that helps us understand the healing process of addiction from the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and how it relates with the healing process the Orthodox Church.  This books is both for the recovering person as well as the priest who wants to educate himself on addiction.
  Conquering Depression St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood
Helpful book with 153 quotes from the early Church fathers on topics associated with depression, despondency, despair and anxiety.  Not every quote my fit your situation, but it you will find something to help you.
  Bread & Water, Wine & Oil by Fr. Meletios Webber

Helpful book on the living the Christian life.  Portions of the book deal with the inner experience of Christianity. 
  Confronting and Controlling Thoughts by Fr. Anthony Coniaris

Really helpful book.  A lot of information from the Philokalia on assaultive thoughts mixed practical tools. 







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