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  The journey toward wholeness through Orthodox Christianity brings the light of the fathers to the darkness of today's struggles.

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Erik Bohlin, M.A, Orthodox Christian Counselor

About Erik Bohlin

Erik Bohlin, M.A., has been part of the healing of many individuals and families through counseling and speaking in the Washington state since 1989.  After entering the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church in 1999, he integrates the teachings of the early Church Fathers with the principles of modern day psychology to help others in their walk towards wholeness and transfiguration. 

Erik is a member of St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Arlington, WA.  He is married and has two children.



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Why should I go to a professional counselor, when I can receive healing in the Church?

This is a great question that I ask many times myself. . . and I am a counselor!

"God has been healing people for centuries through the sacraments of the Church and through prayer, fasting and the prayer of the heart.  Professional counseling in no way is a substitute for this healing method.  But throughout the life of the church there have been many unmercenary healers and doctors who have helped people with both physical and emotional maladies.  It has not been an either or situation.  The Church had embraced healing from medicines and treatments as well as through the prayers of the saints.

Why go to a counselor?  Because it seems to be necessary for so many of us.  We live in an age where sin has abounded so greatly that our emotional and relational wounds are blocking us from a healing relationship with God.

As one monastic put it, "people are so wounded that they are not able to make a proper confession."  Counseling helps us look at ourselves see how we block the grace of God.  Looking at our passions and reading what the early church had to say about freedom from them is vital to our growth as Orthodox Christians. 

Counseling can speed this process up as much as it is appropriate.  Many times people are referred to counseling from the priests who feel that they can benefit from practical skills to deal with anger, addictions, depression and anxiety.  Many marital relationships are in need of some proactive steps to help them move ahead to holiness.

 Erik Bohlin, M.A.

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