A prayer for Enlightment of Children


O Lord, our God and Creator, Who honor man in Your own image;
Who teach Your elect, so that those who heed Your teaching become wise;

Who reveal wisdom to babes: open the heart, the mind, and the lips
of your child and servant, that he/she may receive the power of Your law,
and understand what will be taught to him/her, to the glory
of Your all-holy Name and the building-up of Your holy Church.
Grant that he/she may comprehend Your Will, and fulfill Your commandments.

Deliver him/her from every oppression, evil thought, and desire. Amen.


Adapted from A Pocket Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians, Englewood,
N.J.: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese, 1980, p,121-122.


        A Parentís prayer for their Children

Lord our God, who is your wisdom created man from the earth and

breathed the breath of life unto him, blessing him and saying;

Be fruitful multiply, and fill the earth; and at Cana of Galilee,

through your Only-begotten Son, you blessed the wedding,

and thus also blessed the birth of children. 

In humility I call upon your goodness, asking that you unceasingly

pour out your grace and have mercy on these children

whom you have blessed me with. 

Fill them with wisdom and understanding. 

Protect them from all the visible and invisible snares of the evil one. 

Command your angels to every be with them and guide them toward good works,

so that they may always praised and glorify you all the days of their lives.  Amen.


taken from the Orthodox Prayerbook by Mother Kassiana