Prayer in Time of Need or Trouble

 A Prayer for a time in Need or Trouble

The dark clouds of trouble gather above me,

O Lord, and the grief of torments terrify me. 

Though I find myself in a state of suffering I do not complain against you,

O Good One, for you are my support and the unshaken Rock

upon which I place my hope.  You know, God the cause of my

wretchedness and sorrows, and you continue to look after me. 

Even in my suffering I know that you love me, and it is this very knowledge that strengthens me.

Thus hoping in your love and goodness, I shall not allow these assaults to overcome me;

rather I will fight with courage, and, confident in your help, I shall be victorious. 

It is you who guide the world and the fate of mortals; thus direct the ship of my life

which is assailed by the waves of temptation, so that it may reach the calm harbor. 

Alone, I fight in vain against the tempests of life, for without you I can do nothing. 

I therefore flee to you, O Good One, and I pray:  Come to my aid and save me by your might,

just as you once saved Peter who came to you upon the water. 

Stretch out your hand to me as you did to him, O Lord of mercy and do not delay.  Amen.