Bringing Psychology to Church
Just as you would invite a friend to church in hopes that someday they would get to know God is a deeper way, psychology can be brought to the church.  Psychology by itself is so lacking...
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Help for the Orthodox Family
iBetter family relations.  Better communication.  Working towards salvation. 

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Healing the Mind:  The Nexus between Contemporary Psychology and Eastern Christian Practice

The healing paths of medicine, psychology and religion are coming together again.  For centuries, the human being was viewed holistically and these disciplines were interconnected and integrated.  Over the course of history they parted company and the body, mind and soul were studied and treated separately.  Now, these healing paths are parallel and at times converging.  Mental health practitioners today embrace physical etiologies for what was once a “thought,” “emotion” or “behavior.”  They look to brain imaging and antidepressant medicine to bring their clients to greater mental health.  Physicians are now more likely to refer their patients for bio-feedback, hypnotherapy, stress management and psychotherapy.  Both medicine and psychology has pushed past the veil of religion to understand how spiritual practices affect the body and mind.  Because the human being has an integrated body, mind and soul; these paths of healing will always intersect at various points.

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Our Mission carefully brings together the wisdom from the Orthodox Christian Church and counseling and psychology.  Here you will find links to the early Church Fathers, who were the first healers of the soul.  By their experience with God in the life of the Church, they studied the passions, and discovered the process of the healing of our souls. They are (and still are the healers) in our journey towards Christ.  An orthodox Christian understanding of marriage and family life will help live out the life we are called to live as Christians.  Articles on depression, anxiety and thoughts (logismoi) will give us a better understanding of how the spiritual world coincides with the biological and psychological.  We seek also to assist those recovering from anger problems and addictive behaviors.  May God grant us what we each need in our journey of healing.              Erik Bohlin, M.A.

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